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About eBay

eBay is the world's online marketplace - a place for buyers and sellers to come together and trade almost anything!

Here's how it works: A seller lists an item on eBay - from antiques to cars, books to sporting goods. The seller chooses to accept only bids for the item (an online auction) or to offer the Buy It Now option, which allows buyers to purchase the item right away. In an online auction, the bidding opens at a price the seller specifies and remains on eBay for a certain number of days. Buyers then place bids on the item. When the listing ends, the buyer with the highest bid wins! In fixed price listings that offer Buy It Now, the first buyer willing to pay the seller's price gets the item.

Trading on eBay is easy and it's fun! Best of all, you'll never know what you can find.

Here is how our buyers say about our instant delivery service:

Efficient Auto-Responder for instant Email/Info based product. Recommend. A+ Buyer jasloftis ( 18) Aug-12-04 12:51

Super-fast delivery, A+ seller Buyer holliston2002 ( 42) Jul-07-04 13:44

Instant delivery, worked as promised. thanks Buyer chin2 ( 617) Jul-03-04 09:53

Very fast. Immediate results / delivery. Great!!! Buyer mac42mac ( 92) Jul-02-04 14:26

Awesome automated system, would shop here again, flawless system Buyer jeremiah10zrs23 ( 93) Jul-01-04 20:38

SUPER FAST, Emailed the CODE.., Product as described; A+ THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Buyer computers2go ( 324) May-02-04 15:26

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